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SuperTea – Lemon Ginger and Honey

All the ingredients to make honey lemon ginger tea

So Good!…

This tea is so good that I drink it every day regardless of whether I’m sick or healthy, simply because it makes me feel really good and it tastes amazing.

Use this tea to help nurse yourself back to health during an episode of cold, flu or other sickness. You can also choose to make it your daily brew to help prevent sickness and make you feel better overall. This tea does an amazing job at soothing a sore throat as well. Let me expound in further detail the wonderful virtues of this SuperTea and then provide you an easy recipe and one slight variation.

Benefits of Lemon Ginger Honey Tea

  • Boosts Immune System – Speeds recovery from sickness. In ayurvedic (traditional Indian) medicine ginger is considered a universal medicine, working on all tissues of the body and is also “sattvic” which means it helps balance the body. Lemons contain a host of immune  and body boosting compounds including citric acid, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, bioflavonoids, pectin, and limonene. Honey is also known to help give a little giddy-up to your body’s defenses.
  • Soothes a Sore Throat – Honey is a humectant that coats the throat and draws moisture into it, lubricating and easing the irritated tissue. Lemon has a soothing effect on the throat as well. Ginger is considered a mild analgesic (pain reliever) in ayurvedic medicine and so may play a role in relieving throat pain.
  • Eases Upset Stomach – Ginger contains a group of compounds called gingerols that soothe an irritated stomach as well as gently stimulate the muscles used in peristalsis to help “get things moving.” So ginger not only soothes your stomach but also promotes good colon health.
  • Clears Mucus – Lemon helps break down mucus/phlegm blocking your airways, helping you breathe easier.
  • Liver Cleansing  – Your liver is your most important toxin filter. Lemon juice helps stimulate and purify the liver. No other food stimulates liver enzymes better than lemon juice.
  • Local Honey Helps Allergies – Honey also has the ability to reduce and sometimes completely eliminate allergy symptoms people suffer from common airborne allergens contained within the region the live. Here’s a great little article that explains the theories behind this phenomenon.
  • Full of Vitamin C – Lemon contain a high amount of Vitamin C which is known to be both an immune booster and a powerful antioxidant.
  • Clears Mind and Feel Good – Many people report feeling their mind feel more clear and calm and just feeling better overall.
  • Tastes great – This is a great tasting tea that tastes more like something you’d find in a soda can but it’s actually good for you. Think of it as hot lemonade with the flavor of ginger giving a subtle body to it.

Recipe for 1 Mug of Lemon Ginger Honey Tea

Boiling Ginger Slices or "Medallions" on a range top stove for honey ginger lemon tea


Prep Time: 5 Minutes

Cook Time: 5-20 Minutes


1 2/3 Cups of Water
1/2 Lemon
3-8 Slices or “Medallions” of Fresh Ginger Root
1 TBSP Honey


  1. Pour the 1 2/3 cups of water into a sauce pan and put on a range top stove to boil.
  2. Take fresh ginger root (in the produce section of the grocery store) and thinly slice 3 to 8 “medallions” into the pan. If you like the taste of ginger add more like the 8 slice recommendation and if you don’t you can use less.
  3. While the water and ginger is coming to a boil use a manual citrus juicer to squeeze a half a lemon. Pour into your mug.
  4. Take a tablespoon of honey and place it in the mug with the lemon juice.
  5. After boiling the ginger for 5 to 20 minutes (5 minutes for less ginger flavor and 20 for more), strain the tea from the ginger slices, pouring the liquid into your mug.
  6. Stir well, especially to make sure all the honey has been dissolved.


Lemon Peel Variation:

Take advantage of the abundance of nutrients found within the peel of a lemon. Despite being commonly discarded, there are a lot of vitamins and minerals in the lemon peel itself. In addition, for taste, lemon zest is added to all kinds of dishes both entrees and desserts. This little variation will add more nutrients AND taste to your brew!

The last few minutes that the ginger is boiling, place the remaining lemon peel/rind in (after you’ve juiced it) and let it boil in the mix until you’re ready to pour into your mug. Make sure to thoroughly rinse/wash the exterior and buy organic produce if possible.

Quick & Easy Video Demonstration

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