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List of websites in the Doctor Scott Health Network

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism – http://symptomsofhypothyroidism.net

Network website - symptomsofhypothyroidism.net - Symptoms of Hypothyroidism - An educational website providing information on hypothyroidismAn educational website providing not only a detailed photo-guided list of symptoms of hypothyroidism but also a wealth of other important information pertaining to the thyroid regulatory disorder known as hypothyroidism. It contains an updated health blog that is full of constantly updated articles related to thyroid health.


Follicle Stimulating Hormone – http://folliclestimulatinghormone.net

Follicle Stimulating Hormone - A website a part of the Doctor Scott Health NetworkAn educational website that digests, breaks down and explains in an easily understandable way, the complex role of follicle stimulating hormone. Follicle stimulating hormone is one of the most important regulatory sex hormones. This website tackles a long-standing barrier to understanding this important hormone. It contains a health blog that is updated with wonderful follicle stimulating hormone articles related to everything from fertility challenges to diet recommendations for healthy levels.

Yoga to Lose Weight – http://yogatoloseweight.net

Yoga to Lose Weight - A website within the Doctor Scott Health NetworkAn educational and lifestyle website / blog geared towards the health benefits of yoga ( one of the most popular being its potential for weight loss ). Yoga is an age-old tradition and practice that allows its practitioners the ability to align all elements of themselves into perfect order. The harmony of a balanced body that is in sync physically, spiritually and mentally has far reaching positive benefits. The website also contains a continually updated blog full of interesting and practical articles related to yoga weight loss.

Natural Remedy For Constipation – http://naturalremedyforconstipation.org

Natural Remedy for Constipation is an educational website providing information on constipation and how to maintain proper bowel healthAn educational website providing information on the condition of constipation as well as outlining natural ways to treat constipation. The website contains a wealth of information explaining the digestive system, the definition of constipation and how to maintain good colon health. It contains a health blog that is continually updated with articles related to constipation and the natural treatment strategies that are available.

How To Lose Weight in Your Arms – http://howtoloseweightinyourarms.com

How to Lose Weight in Your Arms - A website within the Doctor Scott Health NetworkAn educational weight loss blog that targets the arms. Arms are a common point of insecurity in females especially. There are a number of exercises, health supplements and diet planning strategies that can be employed to help achieve nice toned arms. This website is an excellent tool for just that. There is an updated blog that contains a wealth of articles with fat-losing, arm-toning strategies.

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