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Focus, Discipline & Consistency – 3 Things I’ve Been Missing

Workout-Time-January-16-2016As we get older it seems each year becomes more and more difficult to find the time to do the things we want to do. It’s hard to keep up with the responsibilities of life and still set aside the time and energy for ourselves, our goals and our aspirations. Balance is a difficult task to acheive. We are constantly in flux.

It seems that every time I jot down a set of goals and set a plan in motion, life comes along and throws a monkey wrench in the works. Instead of staying mentally tough, adapting to new circumstances and honoring my commitments, it’s been WAY easier to make excuses and react with what my Grandpa Gomez would jokingly say, “Oh, mañana, mañana.” (Oh, tomorrow, tomorrow.)

However, I think that when we do at least ONE thing that requires our focus, discipline and consistency and we honor that commitment, I believe that dedication, mental strength and winning attitude begins to spill over into other areas of our lives and plans for the future.

Sooo… this year I plan to use my fitness goals as the foundation for my framework for success. I mean, think about it… if you can do at least one thing that’s going to help you out in all other areas of your life it’s going to be your fitness (and nutrition). You feel better, look better, think more clearly, have more energy, sleep better and your body craves less junk and more REAL food. Oh! And let’s not forget about an increase in those feel good natural opiates (endorphins) and sex hormones. Every other goal you can think of is going to benefit from the natural byproducts of improving your fitness and nutrition.

So I just thought I’d share my revived fitness conviction with you in the offhand chance that I might inspire those of you who have been more wishy washy (like me) about setting goals and sticking to a consistent workout schedule. Take action and make that commitment. I think that creating and honoring our fitness goals will make it much easier to accomplish the rest of our goals this year.

Thanks for reading. Here’s to your health and reaching your goals!

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Dr. Scott McLeod, PharmD is an independent researcher, health advocate and author living in Santa Barbara, CA. For more information about Scott and Doctor Scott Health please visit the 'About' section, here.

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