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Best Fish Oil Supplement – MorEPA Platinum Review

Best Fish Oil Supplement - MorEPA Platinum Review

Important questions

What’s the best fish oil supplement available? Why is it superior? What’s are important things to look for when choosing a fish oil? What health benefits can I expect from a good fish oil?

We will set out to tackle these questions in this article.

The first time I gave fish oil a chance I wasn’t impressed with the results

Brain benefits from omega-3 fatty acidsSeveral years ago I heard a lot of good things about fish oil and omega-3 fatty acids. After doing some research about the benefits, I decided I’d fork over some hard-earned dough and buy myself some.

I went to the grocery store and bought some cheap fish oil. I needed to take 3 big capsules to get the effective dose. I burped up a fishy taste routinely and I didn’t feel a difference.

I quit taking fish oil and decided it was a worthless supplement for me.

I gave fish oil a second chance

Girl working at Super Suplements helped me decide on MorEPA PlatinumLuckily, I decided to try fish oil again. This time I would try to buy the best product I could find.

I went to Super Supplements in my home town and MorEPA Platinum caught my eye. I was impressed with the science I read on the box. I asked a girl who worked there (not telling her what brand I was looking at) what brand seemed to work best for people.

She said MorEPA Platinum.

I bought my first bottle of MorEPA Platinum

I was impressed and despite the more expensive price at around $20 a bottle, I said what the heck and gave it a shot.

I’m glad I did.

At the time I was working as a pharmacist at a high volume retail pharmacy with some challenging patients. The pressure and stress-load could be pretty unforgiving.

The first day I took this fish oil supplement I couldn’t believe the difference.

  • My thinking was clear and swift
  • My problem solving was rapid and decisive
  • My mood was calm and focused
  • My feathers could not be ruffled

At some point I realized that I should be feeling overwhelmed… but oddly, I wasn’t.

It’s like all the stress and pressure was sitting below me as I watched them above on a pedestal. With this new perspective I could navigate difficult terrain without losing my sanity.

This stuff was great.

My review of MorEPA Platinum

What to look for in a fish oil supplement

Therapeutic dose of DHA and EPA in a single capsule

DHA and EPA are specific omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil that have been researched to produce the most therapeutic outcomes in people. You want a supplement that can supply you around 500 mg of EPA and 200 mg of DHA. A “therapeutic dose” is the dose or amount it takes to produce the desired health benefits from the supplement. Its convenient to have this therapeutic dose in one capsule.

Minimal fillers

You want a brand that has minimal fillers. Many brands have capsules that contain more than 60% saturated fat and other fillers. Extra purity also means you get more in a smaller space… which means you have to take less pills to get the same effect as many less potent pills.

Superior extraction techniques

Many fish oil companies use distillation extraction techniques that require high heat that can damage, denature and oxidize fish oil. Oxidized fish oil is not only useless to the body it can be very disruptive. This can also cause the fish oil to go rancid faster.

Other extraction methods use industrial solvents such as hexane and acetone to separate the oil from its source. Residue from these solvents can be left over from the extraction process. Needless to say its not healthy to consume these. Using these chemicals can also eventually lead to runoff into the environment. Extraction using these solvents is not considered a “Green” practice.

Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction appears to be the best and safest extraction technique that results in the purest, least adulterated fish oil.[1, 2]`

Minimal contaminates

With worries and concerns over mercury in fish (most companies source from anchovies, mackerel and tuna), dioxin and PCBs that are common among less than superior fish oil products, it’s important to do your research on the company and product you choose to buy from.

No fishy burps

Many fish oil supplements not only tend to cause you to burp… they cause you to burp a less than pleasant fish taste. Don’t want to take one of those before a date or night out.

Some companies have added natural flavoring, usually lemon or orange, so that if you burp it is a pleasant citrus taste.

Addition of vitamin D

Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, is something our society seems to be becoming more and more deficient of. Vitamin D enhances absorption of many important trace minerals and has  a big impact on mood, brain health, immune system and many other health components. High dose vitamin D is used as an adjunct treatment to alleviate symptoms of depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Both fish oil and vitamin D are fat soluble and extremely effective and promoting optimal brain health and to aid in other important body functions.

Adding vitamin D is not crucial but an added bonus.

Works best for you and your body

Great products will be work for many but not everyone. Everyone responds to things differently based on unique physiology and genetics.

Find what works for you and stick with it.

Meeting the criteria

MorEPA meets all of the criteria above (the last one being subjective for me). MorEPA Platinum is the only company that uses patented carbon dioxide extraction.

Even high-quality companies like Nordic Naturals use distillation with higher heats. Nordic Natural has a really great informational pdf called Distilling Fact From Fiction: Fish Oil Manufacturing Clarifed. It’s really interesting if you’re into the science side of things or just interested in the way things work.

Also check out the MorEPA Platinum/Minami Nutrition website.

 Health benefits and conditions treated by fish oil

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • ADHD
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Lupus
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Hypertension
  • Triglyceride lowering
  • Cancer
  • Pregnancy (baby neural development)

About Minami Nutrition

Minami Nutrition actually partnered with Garden of Life brand to market it. Garden of Life is known for an array of excellent supplement products.

Brian Ray, President of Garden of Life was excited about partnering up with this cutting-edge fish oil company and had this to say,

Brian Ray president of Garden of Life“Minami is truly special in a very crowded fish oil category. The products deliver among the highest concentrations of meaningful Omega-3’s – which means more beneficial Omega-3 in smaller and less pills – and their oil has among the lowest amount of saturated fat or fillers available. Minami does this by being the first company to provide 100% Supercritically Distilled Omega-3 fatty acids on the market. On top of all of that, Minami is truly a premium fish oil offered at surprisingly affordable prices.” 

The bottom line… it works

MorEPA Platinum works for me. I’ve recommended it to friends, family and patients with much success.

Fish oil, and a quality one such as this, is a supplement that I consider indispensable for me.

I switched over to Nordic Naturals at one point after being referred to it numerous times.

I didn’t notice much of an effect. After the 30 day supply of Nordic Naturals fish oil was gone I switched back to MorEPA.

Once again, I immediately felt the difference. My optimized brain with superior stress management ability was back.

Amazing stuff.

In my book MorEPA Platinum is the best hands down

MorEPA Platinum by Minami NutritionI really think a quality fish oil supplement will be one of the best investments you make in your health.

I highly recommend this brand.

Everyone who I’ve recommended it too has had nothing but fantastic things to say about it as well.

Sometimes supplement stores will have these manufacturer coupons for this particular brand for $2.oo to $3.o0 off but even then its a bit more expensive than buying it online.

About Doctor Scott Health

Dr. Scott McLeod, PharmD is an independent researcher, health advocate and author living in Santa Barbara, CA. For more information about Scott and Doctor Scott Health please visit the 'About' section, here.


  1. Plz can you give me some facts on this this one article under on holistic doc about fish oil and he is saying it is BAD cause when it enters our body, it goes rancid because of the temperature?
    Trying to incorporate this with other things for my own health and want to start it on my dog as well who has hemagiacorma cancer.
    here is the site: can you look into it and give me your thoughts. I don’t want to promote cancer if I take something that is rancid causing in my system. Maybe other source of omega 3s.
    thank you
    tampa fl

    • Hi Maylin,

      I have been briefly introduced to the work of Brian Peskin. I read some of his work and listened to a podcast or two. I found a few of his stated facts and conclusions very absurd. It made me question his credibility and authority on the matter. I do not wish to speak ill of the man, he introduces an important debate to help us understand the use and possible benefit (or detriment, in his conclusion) of Omega-3 fatty acids. I would simply be cautious in accepting all of his conclusions. I read your article by Dr. Brownstein as well and had similar concerns in some of the conclusions that were drawn.

      At some point I would like to spend the time to tackle ‘Professor’ Peskin’s argument. However, there is a lot of material to sift through and evaluate.

      It’s important to do our research but sometimes we get a little lost in the details. I can say that rancidity of Omega-3s (which Brian Peskin overwhelmingly is concerned with) is a legitimate concern. That’s why buying a quality product is such a high priority. I was highly impressed with the manufacturing processes and quality of Minami Nutrition and gave their product a try. I cannot speak definitively in terms cardiovascular benefits but I can say for myself and many patients, family members and friends, that this brand of DHA and EPA (Omega-3 fatty acids derived from fish oil) provides very significant benefits in terms of emotional health, anxiety reduction and brain cognition.

      I believe that Brian Peskin is making fish oil supplements sound far more scary and exaggerated (in an ominous way) than can be warranted. He tries to connect dots together with flimsy logic and dubious assumptions. He cites scientific literature but often draws his own conclusions, not the conclusions of the journal articles themselves.

      Fish oil is safe enough to try. Choose a quality fish oil supplement and take it for a while. Does it make you feel better? Do you get better lab results from your blood work? If not then throw it out and stop wasting your money. If it does, then keep with it.

      Until I can spend the time to fully broach the topic of Brian Peskin’s claims that is my best advice. I hope it helps!

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