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The Best Natural Toothpaste – Top 4 Brands Compared & Reviewed

The Best Natural Toothpaste – Top 4 Brands Compared & Reviewed

After extensive research, we narrowed down the top 4 natural toothpaste brands and did a head-to-head comparison of their ingredients. We also interviewed several volunteers who brushed their teeth with each natural toothpaste and offered their impressions and individual reviews. Skip down to comparison chart.

Some may be surprised to know that Tom’s natural toothpaste was NOT selected as a top 4 natural toothpaste as it contains harmful ingredients including SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), a detergent and tissue irritant.

The Contenders

Our top 4 contenders were JASON Sea Fresh Deep Sea Spearmint natural toothpaste, Earthpaste Lemon Twist natural toothpaste, Uncle Harry’s Fluoride Free natural toothpaste and Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil and Neem natural toothpaste.

The Final Shootout Video – Comparison and Volunteer Reviews

Make sure you watch the video presentation of our in depth review, comparison and final selection.

Our Winner

WINNER – Surprisingly, as a lesser known brand and with quirky properties, Uncle Harry’s natural toothpaste was our chosen winner by a landslide. However, be sure to watch the video for some interesting reviews and facts about this toothpaste and the rest of the bunch.

Ingredient Comparison Chart & Info Graphic

To download a PDF version of the Natural Toothpaste Shootout comparison chart and info graphic click here.

Best Natural Toothpaste - Ingredients of Top 4 Brands Compared - Watch Full Review Video on YouTube

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