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Beyonce Lemon Detox Diet Recipe

Beyonce Lemon Detox Diet Recipe

What’s the Beyonce Lemon Detox Diet?

The lemon detox diet that Beyonce Knowles used to lose 20 pounds over the course of 14 days was none other than one of the oldest and most popular cleansing regimens around – The Master Cleanse. Lose Weight, Have More Energy and Be Happier in 10 Days: Take Charge of Your Health with the Master Cleanse by Peter GlickmanThe Master Cleanse, also known as the Lemonade Detox Diet, is a modified juice fast recipe created by Stanley Burroughs in the 1940’s. Yeah, its that old!  It gained more popularity later in the 1970’s with his books The Master Cleanser and Healing For the Age of Enlightenment. The Master Cleanse has gained more and more popularity as a weight loss diet. Nutritionists have criticized and knocked it for it’s lack of nutrients as a proper diet. We must remember that this is not a permanent diet and it’s main goal is not weight loss. It is in fact a FAST. A juice fast. It’s purpose is to detoxify the body. Weight loss will naturally follow from both restricted caloric intake as well as from the detoxification process itself but the detoxification and elimination of built up toxins in our body is what this cleanse or detox diet is all about. The lemon detox diet is not only about losing weight but reestablishing vigorous health, positive outlook and to get us back on the road of healthy eating / living. This process detoxifies so well it can effectively eliminate addictions.

Beyonce Lemon Detox Diet Recipe

  1. 10 oz Purified Water
  2. 2 Tablespoons Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice (From organic lemons if possible)
  3. 2 Tablespoons 100% Dark Maple Syrup (USDA organic if possible, grade A or B)
  4. 1/10 Teaspoon Cayenne Pepper (Organic if possible)
A pre-made kit, such as this one, can be convenient and eliminate the guess work and time searching around town. All you need is to buy the lemons

A pre-made kit (as pictured above) can be very convenient and eliminate a lot of guess work, as well as time searching through stores. All you need is to buy the lemons.

The Master Cleanse Lemonade Solution - Drinking out of a strawMix all ingredients and you will have a light brown liquid solution with red flakes, the Goldschläger of health tonics. And that is what Beyonce used to detox and lose weight with. The so-called “Beyonce Lemon Detox Diet” everyone is scouring the internet for. That’s it! Drink 6 to 12 glasses of this concoction every day for 10 days. An evening laxative is to be taken every night close to bedtime, with the encouraged option of a morning laxative as well. This is to flush out all accumulated fecal matter, as well as toxins that are trying to be eliminated and sitting inside your intestinal walls. I personally discourage using stimulant laxatives (bisacodyl, sennosides, etc) as they can cause damage to the proper peristaltic  functioning (mechanical muscle contractions) of your intestines. Sea Salt by Spice IslandsI recommend using a salt water flush as your best natural laxative but other saline or osmostic laxatives are also safe for the short duration used for the lemonade detox diet (e.g. magnesium citrate, milk of magnesia (magnesium hydroxide), etc.). Herbal laxatives could also be good. Take these laxatives using the recommended dosage on the packaging. I will also explain how to make your own homemade salt water flush. Salt Water Flush – Buy natural, non-iodized sea salt. Put about a tablespoon in 20 to 32 ounces of water (warm water is best if you can tolerate it). Stir around the salt until it has dissolved and drink that sucker as fast as you can, chugging, if at all possible. It won’t be pleasant… unless you have an unnatural thirst for salt water. Don’t underestimate this simple detox “lemonade.” It might be simple but there is a reason that it’s stuck around for decades and successful books are still being published about it.

Preparing For the Lemonade Detox Diet

It’s best to ease into The Master Cleanse. You don’t want to go from eating cheeseburgers, soda and drinking loads of coffee or caffeine to nothing but a solution of modified lemonade. You CAN but the adjustment will be much more difficult. Jack-in-the-Box-Large-Sirloin-CheeseburgerIdeally, you want to take 2 to 3 days to slowly remove processed foods and meat from your diet and eat lighter foods including fruits and vegetables. Oh! And don’t forget to wean yourself off of the coffee or caffeine or any other substance you rely on (that includes cigarettes). The Master Cleanse will eventually help you overcome these addictions. Besides essential medications prescribed by your doctor, you want to be as completely free from ingesting anything but The Master Cleanse lemonade solution as possible. Many recommend even going off prescribed medications (I’m not suggesting that). With such extreme changes to your diet, it’s always good to discuss the decision to do these kinds of “radical diets” or changes to your health regimen with your doctor, naturalist or functional medicine practitioner… especially if you have preexisting health concerns. For 99% of people this is a 100% safe diet. ( 60% of the time, it works every time – Anchorman). All joking aside, this is a very safe, healthy and restorative cleansing process.

Mentally Prepare For The Master Cleanse

Most will NOT prepare for the likely obstacles that will present themselves along the way on this diet… and that could spell failure. The first three days are especially hard as you have caffeine withdrawals, headaches and general unease from the purging of toxins (it’s not that bad, you can do it!). Here are some possible scenarios you may not consider going in.  

  • The holidays are in the middle of your Lemonade Detox Diet. A lot of traditions and really good homemade food is going to be around you. What do you do?
  • You’re out with friends and they keep begging you to try this delicious salad/ sandwich or typical food favorite or yours.
  • You ran out of your last Master Cleanse lemonade solution to drink and you’re starving. You’re doing errands and fast food signs are calling you out by name.
  • One of your best friends is having a party and there will not only be food but also alcohol. You know you’ll be expected to drink or face 1000 questions.
  • You don’t have time to squeeze a ton of lemons and measure out maple syrup because you’re running late for work. What do you do?
  • Your brain is playing Jedi Mind Tricks on you. “This Master Cleanse business might be good for some people but its not good for you. It’s actually bad for you. You must stop now. You’re probably harming yourself as we speak. Besides, you could go downstairs and enjoy a delicious sandwich right now, or better yet, order some Pizza Hut.”
Ask Yourself, Why? You need to sit down and really hammer home the reason or reasons you are doing this lemon detox cleanse diet. What made you even consider doing it? Emotionally connect with those reasons and hold onto them throughout the 10 days of the cleanse. This will help you carry on through the difficult times when you want to cheat or when you feel like giving up.

Financially Budget For the “Beyonce Lemon Detox Diet”

How much can a few lemons and some maple syrup cost? Probably more than you think. In the long haul, you are probably saving yourself money from the meals or groceries you would normally be paying for… but not by much. Let me illustrate… The price and amount of ingredients for the Beyonce Lemon Detox Diet is shockingAt Super Cheap Walmart

  • 1 Lemon = $ 0.58
  • 1 Maple Syrup Container 8.5 oz = $ 6.96
  • 1 Lemon Produces About 3.5 TBSPs Juice
  • 1 8.5 oz Container Has About 17 TBSPs
We now have the foundation to do a little math. So, one 10 oz glass of the detox lemonade is supposed to contain 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of organic maple syrup. You are supposed to drink 6 to 12 of these glasses per day. Crunch a few numbers and VOILA! You will spend $90 to $180 for 10 days worth of lemons and maple syrup alone. Here is the breakdown:
  • Lemons Daily – 3.5 to 7
  • Maple Syrup Daily – 180 to 360 mL or 6 -12 fl oz
  • Daily Amount Spent on Lemons – $ 2 to $ 4
  • Daily Amount Spent on Maple Syrup – $7 to $14
  • Lemons Over 10 Days – 35 to 70
  • Maple Syrup 8.5 oz Containers Over 10 Days – 7 to 15
  • Amount Spent on Lemons Over 10 Days – $20 to $40
  • Maple Syrup 8.5 oz Containers Over 10 Days – $70 – $140
  • Total Cost  $90 to $180
So you can see that it does cost a little money to invest in the ingredients for The Master Cleanse but when you do the math on the Vanilla Lattes, groceries and eating out expenses you usually accumulate, you are more than likely still saving money.

Lemonade Preparation Trick

Making fresh squeezed lemon juice in advance and combining with maple syrupYou are supposed to be making these 10 oz drink concoctions every time you feel hungry or need energy. You can imagine the amount of time you have to pause from whatever you’re doing to go down to the kitchen and make a glass. Or maybe you pre-make as many as you can and store them in bottles for work or wherever your daily routine lands you. Since you will get the most enzymes from the lemon after it is freshly squeezed (oxidation from exposure to the air will gradually degrade and make the enzymes less effective) you want to freshly squeeze your lemons as often as possible. That usually is pretty unrealistic. “Hold on guys, I gotta go squeeze some more lemons. Just finish the presentation without me.” So there are two things you can do.

  1. Nalgene 32 ounce 1 Liter BPA Free Water BottleNalgene Bottle – I like to use a standard Nalgene bottle that contains roughly 30 fl oz and make enough of the Master Cleanse lemonade solution to fill that. It’s basically three of the standard Master Cleanse 10 oz glasses. I drink this fairly quickly and it minimizes my time playing lemonade chef in the kitchen.
  2. Pre-Make Special Combination – According to Mike Olaski (themastercleanse.org) you can pre-make fresh squeezed lemon juice and combine it with organic maple syrup. The syrup will act as a preservative to keep the lemon enzymes intact (for 1 day).

Combine these in an even 1:1 ratio. Store them in a cool, dark or opaque container to keep light and heat out. Do not mix with cayenne pepper or water until you are ready to make and drink The Master Cleanse lemonade drink.

Lemon Detox Diet No No’s

Red No SignDon’t use store bought lemon juice. You need FRESH lemon juice straight from the lemon.

Red No SignDon’t use regular syrup. It is not the same and in fact, is loaded with extra sugars, preservatives and high fructose corn syrup (something that clogs your liver not detoxifies it).

Red No SignDon’t drink LESS than 6 glasses a day of the detox lemonade and also drink additional water on top of this.

Red No SignDon’t put your lemons in the fridge. Allow them to ripen at room temperature. If you buy in bulk, keep 10 of the ripest out and refrigerate the remaining.

Red No SignDon’t break the Master Cleanse WRONG. Read below on how to break The Master Cleanse.”

Breaking the Master Cleanse… the Right Way

Fasting to repent of sins but ideally to lose weight The Master Cleanse is a juice fast. In a traditional fast, you abstain from food and only drink water (which is highly acclaimed for it’s detoxifying and healing abilities as well). It is, however, more difficult to endure. A juice fast, such as the The Master Cleanse, is abstaining from any nutrition but water and juice. With either a traditional fast or juice fast you must break the fast or break-fast correctly. Why must you break it correctly? Your body has adapted to only receiving its nutrition through simple, easy to digest liquids. The systems responsible for creating certain enzymes and carrying out specific functions to break down and assimilate more complex foods have been temporarily shut down.  If you ate something highly processed or even something we think as simple like meat (which is actually quite complex to break down) immediately after finishing The Master Cleanse, you would get quite a painful gut ache as your body struggled to digest it. You have to slowly get those enzyme factories up and going again. How to break the lemonade detox diet? Just as you should have eased yourself into the cleanse, it is even more important to ease yourself out and back into your normal diet. If you don’t, you will wreak havoc on your digestive system and body.

  1. Day 1 – Start with broth and then orange juice (100%).  Gauge how your body is handling this. If going well, later in the day add some light vegetable soup.
  2. Day 2 – Slowly start eating more complex foods. Remember, when you get sick you eat the BRAT diet. BRAT is an acronym for bananas, rice, apple sauce and toast. These foods are easier on the old tum tum. Remember, listen to your body. Introduce something more complex a little at a time, allowing enough time to see if your body handles it without any ditress.
  3. Day 3 – If everything has been going good, without a hitch, then start introducing some beans, then fermented foods like yogurt and lastly fish or white meat and onward. Many advocate going to a vegetarian diet and after feeling as good as you will after The Master Cleanse, you might pause to consider it. I paused but then continued on.

Benefits of the Lemon Detox Diet

  1. Liver and bowel detoxification
  2. Weight loss, eliminating fat stores that can house a lot of toxins
  3. Clarity of mind and ability to see life through a clearer lens
  4. Positive outlook on life
  5. Eradication of many ailments, addictions and disease
  6. Body transformations. Skin rejuvenates, eyes clear, sun spots disappear. Results vary

So, whether you call it the Beyonce Lemon Detox Diet or The Master Cleanse, it’s the same thing. And if a celebrity like Beyonce Knowles is shouting out from the rooftops how well this blue collar, cheap cleanse works (including her 20 lbs of weight loss in 14 days), it’s probably worth checking out. After all, Beyonce can afford any cleanse or hollywood detox diet available but she used this inexpensive, tried and true cleanse; The Master Cleanse. Check it out and do it right. Your body might thank you.

About Doctor Scott Health

Dr. Scott McLeod, PharmD is an independent researcher, health advocate and author living in Santa Barbara, CA. For more information about Scott and Doctor Scott Health please visit the 'About' section, here.


  1. Can I use Organic honey?

  2. can u work out on this diet

    • Hi Lee, yes, you can work out on this diet and it will actually be beneficial to help promote detoxing. However, keep work outs light to moderate. Strenuous work outs may cause your toxins to reabsorb instead of eliminating from your body. For more information, check this link out: Lemon Detox FAQs – Best of Luck!

  3. I have been taking green tea is that ok as a lucrative tea what’s the best time to take the salt water ?i might run out of maple syrup the only place I find it is two countries away from me can I use honey once I run out

    • According to the Master Cleanse you need to do at least a night laxative. Doing a morning one is optional but encouraged too. I personally have done the cleanse and recommend only one. The saline flush is a more natural laxative and if you use it you don’t need to use any other laxatives. I would take the salt water or other laxative about 2-3 hours before bed to give yourself enough time to go the bathroom before bedtime. Some people have had “messes” happen overnight with certain laxatives and when taken too close to bedtime. So you’ll discover how your body reacts and then adjust things as you go.

      And yes, you can use honey as an alternative to the maple syrup if you run out.

  4. Is it feasible to follow this diet as i have pcos ! And i need to shed 20 kilos to get rid of pcos . Please advise

    • Hi Mary,
      If you are taking any medication for PCOS I would recommend against doing the master cleanse unless approved by your doctor. The cleanse detoxes your liver which also makes it eliminate medication faster and so it would be less effective. Also, the maple syrup might cause insulin spikes which can cause flare ups for those with PCOS. If you do decide to do the Master Cleanse I would use molasses instead of maple syrup. Molasses has less sugar and more nutrients.

      For PCOS try an anti-inflammatory diet and avoid omega-6 foods as they cause inflammation. Read my article on PUFA Foods and Sources here. Also I would highly recommend three supplements. 1) Fish oil – blocks omega-6 inflammation (I recommend and use Minami MorEPA Platinum) 2) Astaxanthin – an amazing anti-inflammatory (I use the brand BioAstin) 3) Vegetable/Fruit blend supplement (I recommend and use Juice Festiv which is a cheaper alternative to Juice Plus). These will be fantastic for not only your PCOS but also your weight loss efforts : )

  5. Where i live i can not fing organic syrup 🙁 can i use sugar cane? Will be better honey?

  6. If I don’t have honey or maple syrup, could I use pure molasses?

  7. Hey! Im in a diet .. I also have been drinking warm water with lemon for almost a week now and getting used to the taste … That’s why I want to try this, now the question is how much do I us if I do a whole gallon …so it would be ready for use when I want to drink… I want to have exact potion so I can get exact amount in every cup … When. Is best to take? And my last question is this is taken all day or you allow to eat something??

    Thanks so much,

    • I wouldn’t recommend mixing more than a quart or 4 cups of the solution at a time for 2 reasons. 1) The fresher the squeezed lemon juice, the better, to maintain enzymes and such 2) The cayenne pepper will eventually steep more into the water and become much hotter or spicier to drink.

      I am the same way as far wanting to create a big batch ahead of time and did so with a quart Nalgene bottle. Please read the heading “Lemonade Preparation Trick.” You’ll have to use the recipe and do the math but there are 128 ounces in a gallon. You can basically multiply the recipe at the top of the article by 13 in order to get the amount for a gallon mixture. Hope this helps and good luck!

      You are supposed to take throughout the day whenever you feel hungry. You can have as much of the solution as you’d like but nothing else. This is a modified juice fast.

  8. So question. You don’t eat at all while doing this? Just drink the cleanse?

  9. Hi Doc
    Haven’t done any diet before,I’m currently 90kgs n from S.A
    Really hoping I get these ingredients to go n try it out

  10. I’m going to start this diet tomorrow I’m drinking some organic laxative tea tonight so I can start tomorrow

  11. Hi doc.just wanna ask about the salt water.do I need to drink that before bed time and morning for breakfast if I don’t have laxative tea.thanks

    • According to the Master Cleanse you need to do at least a night laxative. Doing a morning one is optional but encouraged too. I personally have done the cleanse and recommend only one. The saline flush is a more natural laxative and if you use it you don’t need to use any other laxatives. I would take the salt water or other laxative about 2-3 hours before bed to give yourself enough time to go the bathroom before bedtime. Some people have had “messes” happen overnight with certain laxatives and when taken too close to bedtime. So you’ll discover how your body reacts and then adjust things as you go.

      And yes, you can use honey as an alternative to the maple syrup if you run out.

  12. I am doing the diet now. It is my second day. Before the diet I took vitamins everyday. Should I continue to take the vitamins?

    • No, unless they are medically necessary it is best to avoid even vitamin supplementation. So just pause the vitamins for now and continue after the cleanse. You want to keep your body/digestive track doing the least so it can focus on detox, repair and weight loss

  13. How do I prepare the cayenne pepper? Fresh ones chopped? Or use a blender?

    • You actually can use the convenience of ground cayenne pepper that can be found at the grocery store in the spices section. I’d give you extra kudos for really going organic with the fresh peppers but its unnecessary : ) I wouldn’t make more work for yourself

    • Hi Beckii,
      Stick with it. A lot of people don’t experience much within the first few days. Your body is cleaning out a lot of cob webs and you should start seeing results soon. I would throw in a little moderate exercise, about 20-30 minutes a day. Either brisk walking or a light jog. Don’t push yourself too hard. If you start getting faint you need to stop, your body’s telling you its too much. Hope that helps. Stick with it! You’ll get there! Good luck : )

  14. Im on day 3 and havnt noticed any weight loss please help :'(

  15. Hi Dr, How long in between each cleanse should you go? Can you go back to back?

    • If it’s your first time doing the cleanse I would only do one round and then resume a healthy diet for at least a couple weeks to a month before trying a second time and for a longer period. You want to build up to a longer cleanse if that’s what you are interested in. However, experienced people have done this Master Cleanse for months at a time. I wouldn’t recommend it though. It’s good for a short period of time to cleanse and detox. I think this is a great kick start for your body that should transition into a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

  16. Hi, am layal from Lebanon and am in diet with a special program called Clean 9 and this is my 7th day and I loose 4 kilos till date. after the 9th day I will start with the lemon diet and hope I reach my desired weight 🙂

  17. Hi Doc

    Is this nit dangerous? What if I feel faint should I stop??
    I’m excited to try this but I just want to ensure it’s totally safe

    • If you have any health conditions ask your doctor before you start but there are very few conditions that is diet has problems with. It’s a safe diet or cleanse but you should always listen to your body. Sometimes you will feel a little fatigue but if you are feeling light headed for long periods of time even after drinking more of the master cleanse solution it is a good idea to stop. Most light headedness though can be remedied by just drinking more of the solution. And remember! You’re allowed to drink as much as you need or like

  18. Hi dear dr..i’m in diet now and i have some questions and problems.1:can i eat entire lemon(with pulps and internal skin) instead of it’s juice only? 2:s.borrough said in his book that honey is very dangerous for liver and pancreas because of high insulin levels and…i can’t find maple syrup in my area.what else i can eat? 3:i have galbladder stones(1 and 2mm) and i take ursodeoxycolic acid during diet,for prophylaxis of becoming stones bigger in size.4:i love ceyanne pepper and sea salt mix with my lemons.is it ok that i eat ceyanne pepper about 1-2 tbsp?and also sea salt?

    • As long as you can get the parts of the lemon into a juice than you can use it. A little pulp and skin is fine. You just don’t want to create too much work for your digestive track. Juice minimizes the digestive processes so the body can focus on healing, detox and cleansing.

      That is interesting regarding Stanley Burroughs and his thoughts on honey. The only thing that I see is that it contains fructose which in high concentrations is a toxin to the liver but the maple syrup also contains this. Honey is much more than a sweetener and simple sugar, it’s been shown to be a “functional food” that boosts immune function and more. However, I can respect wishing to stick with what Mr. Burroughs recommends.

      Another alternative would be molasses… blackstrap molasses if possible. It’s extremely nutritious and a good sweetener/simple sugar for energy. Not quite as sweet as maple syrup or honey though.

      I’m not sure if you are doing this diet/cleanse for your kidney stones or potential kidney stones but the lemons are fantastic for the kidneys. The citric acid is very good at breaking up calcium oxalate formations (stones).

      And to answer your final questions, yes, that much cayenne pepper is fine and the extra sea salt is fine. Most people take in extreme amounts already for their flushes, so I see no harm.

      Best of luck! Let us know how it goes : )

  19. Starting this diet tomorrow. Did not get maple syrup grade b to buy but grade a. I live in Nigeria and I am a working mom. I have to prepare mine down to go to work cos I leave for work at 7am and I don’t get home until 7.30pm. What do I advise i do?

    • Hi Stella, it is okay that you didn’t get that grade of maple syrup. I would prepare a lot of the solution in advance and put them in some bottles (empty water bottles or other bottles you may have). You’ll have to do some measuring and preparation so you’ll have plenty throughout the day. I wouldn’t add the cayenne pepper to the mix until you are drinking that bottle. If you let the cayenne pepper sit too long it will steep into the water and get much hotter.

      Hope this helps. Good luck and let me know if there is anything else I can try and answer for you!

  20. I take vitamin e 3 a day for medical reasons, is that ok while on this detox program?

    • Yes, if you need it for medical reasons this will be fine. The only thing that would be good to know is that vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin and is best absorbed by your body with a meal containing some fat. This detox diet doesn’t contain any fat so you may not absorb quite as much. Other than that, yes, continue taking the vitamin E and good luck!

  21. Helo doctor im from South Africa ,im greentea detox diet its been twoo weeks now i dont take anything only greentea without sugar no honey and water everyday. So i like this one lemon detox wanna start it tomorow,just wana know if i can make the juice with only fresh lemons and the cayenne pepper and subctract the maple syrup/honey cause i had told myself that no sweet things at all?

    • Yes, you can do that but it will change the detox diet into more of a “water fast.” In fact, I believe you will get better results without the maple syrup but you will experience more hunger. However, if you’re are already used to only green tea than you’ll probably do just fine. The lemons are doing the bulk of the detoxing with cayenne pepper right behind. The cayenne pepper also keeps your metabolism up.

      Hope that helps and stop back by and tell us how it went without the maple syrup. I’m sure everyone else would be interested to know : )

  22. Hello Dr.

    I’ve never been on diet before, but i’ve really put on some weight and i don’t have the time to lose it through exercise.
    My question is: in case i can’t keep the whole 10 days, will be a big problem? What is the minimum period for this detox diet to have effect on health and weight loss. that’s because i’m not sure if my body will endure all this treatment, giving the fact i used to love chips and chocolate. Or how much weight should i expect to lose? i’m 5 feet tall and have 52 kilos, like 114 pound, i think.
    And another question: how about a head ache or tooth ache during the diet? can i take a pill or is that forbidden? Thank you

    • Hi Ioana, it’s really hard to say specifically how much weight you’ll lose and how fast. It depends on your specific body and how its functioning right now. I wish I could give you a more concrete answer. If you’ve had kind of a bad diet with a lot of sweets, the first three days or so of the detox can be pretty tough but just remember once you get over that hump you’ll start feeling so much better and also see some of the weight loss really kicking in.

      Also, you are detoxing your body so it can function better. Meaning your digestive track will use your food better, you’ll have more energy, your cells will be rejuvenated. So take advantage of this and try to use it as a springboard into a healthier diet when you’re done with the detox. You can indulge your sweet tooth here and there but try to clean up your diet, minimize those high sugar foods, don’t overeat your carbs (pasta, rice, potatoes, etc), get plenty of good protein with fish more often, eat healthy fats (avocados, almonds, Brazil nuts, olive oil, coconut oil and eggs) and as much fruits and vegetables as you can… emphasis on vegetables though : ) And try to avoid soda and other bottled drinks like Vitamin Water, Gatorade… the high fructose corn syrup gunks up your liver, slows your metabolism and is responsible for most people’s weight gain.

      A lot of people won’t make it all the way through the detox diet for a lot of different reasons and it’s okay if you can’t but don’t let it be because of willpower! If you you feel like your body can’t handle it than yes, stop. But push through the first stages of being really tough and uncomfortable. You’ll be happy you stuck with it!

      Oh! And about a pain reliever for headaches and toothaches. You are supposed to avoid this but if you feel like the headache is so bad you’d rather stop the diet than continue on with the headache than take the pain reliever. BUT if you can, just try and tough it out for maximum detox effects

  23. Hello,
    I can’t find myple syroup anywhere… Can I use any type of honey instead of it?

    • I try avoid any substitutions but I understand your predicament. Honey will work as a substitute. Buy raw and organic if at all possible (consistency is solid at room temp). Another alternative is molasses (blackstrap molasses is best)

  24. Hi dr. Im from philippines ca i use calamansi as substitu for lemon? Thank you

    • I mean calamansi as a substitute for lemon

      • If you can’t find lemons or they are too expensive than I would say to go ahead and use the calamansi. It will have similar results and with the chance of better results. Many people have used calamansi and had success with it.

        In a nutshell, use lemons for proven effects and history but if availability or price is a large concern use calamansi.

        Let us know how it goes if you choose to use the calamansi! Myself and the rest of us would be interested to know : ) Good luck

  25. I’m currently taking Relacore. Do I need to stop taking this while detoxing? Also, how much weight should one expect to lose? I’m hoping this is good for getting rid of belly fat.

    • Hi Kristal, for the best results its always advised to stop all pills or supplements that aren’t medically necessary, even multivitamins, herbs or caffeine.

      And as far as weight you can lose, it depends on so many different factors including age, weight, body fat, hormone levels, etc. Most people lose at least 5 lbs or so on the full 10 days and some 15 or more. Kristine just posted a comment on this thread sharing her experience losing 15 pounds and Blanca losing 2-3 pounds every day. Make sure when you are done with the diet you springboard into a healthy diet and moderate exercise so you maintain the weight loss! : )

  26. Ok I take methadone and have been for awhile now I want to do this master detox cleanse but I’m wondering if I can do it because of the medication I’m on due to if I don’t take it I get really sick please tell me abd let me know. If my meds will effect me from being able to do this detox

    • Hi Kristin, excellent and very important question. I’m so glad you asked. Both fasting (this is a modified juice fast) and the large amount of lemons stimulate your liver to detox and also create more enzymes than usual. These enzymes breakdown drugs in your body. What this means is that this diet can make the methadone less effective and mess with the levels in your blood.

      So to answer your question, unfortunately I would advise against doing this diet. With methadone in particular, it usually takes quite a while to reach a good, tailored treatment schedule with consistently therapeutic blood levels; this diet could get that all out of whack.

      If you are still interested I would be cautious and only continue with the blessing and supervision of your prescribing physician. I hope that helps. Sorry to be the messenger of bad news

  27. hi,
    any options aside from fresh lemon?
    how about lime juice can that be an alternative from lemon juice:)
    and can i just do the sea salt without the herbal tea?

    • Limes are good but lemons are considered superior. I would stick with lemons. And absolutely, feel free to use just the saltwater flush without the herbal tea. As long as you are “cleaning out the pipes,” so to speak, every day : )

  28. can i have the green tea instead of the herbal tea as laxative?

    • If green tea works for you as a laxative than that is fine. Most people don’t have a laxative effect from drinking green tea but if you do that’s great. If not than use either an herbal laxative or a salt water flush. You want to make sure you are eliminating all the waste and toxins from the walls of your intestines

  29. Hi, I’ve done the diet before and it works wonders. This time I started and the first few days it worked the same, I lose 2-3 lbs a day. But after a few days I either don’t lose any or I lose 1 lb. That’s never happened before. I noticed that you said it’s best not to take vitamins. I take vitamin injections for stress and energy. Do you think that is what has been causing me not to lose the weight? Any other suggestions??? HELP!

    • Hi Blanca, I honestly don’t think the vitamins would have that dramatic of a negative effect on your weight loss but it is possible. There are a lot of factors it could be that are really difficult for me to guess about. Have you weighed the same every time you’ve done this diet? Or have you gotten smaller and smaller? If you keep getting smaller you might have hit a sort of plateau where additional weight loss is more stubborn. Good sound sleep is also important. You lose the most fat while in your deep sleep at night.

      I would suggest brisk walking or light jogging in the morning BEFORE taking any master cleanse solution, on an empty stomach. At this point your body is in a completely fasted state and all its glucose stores are usually burned up (what your body burns first). This means your body is now forced to use FAT for its energy instead. This will help you lose some extra pounds.

  30. Hi! Im kristine from the phils. Ive tried this diet last year and it did help me a lot!
    I learned that my man is womanizing. My friends recommended this diet and it is so amazing!
    In one month i lose 15 lbs. in addition to that i exercise. Im gradualy losing weight while
    Firming my loose arms and thighs. Im in skinny jeans in a month time!
    This diet have help me a lot! Regaining my confidence and having a healthy living.
    Im sharing this cause i want you to know that this effective.
    But you have to be patient and you must control yourself from thinking about foods while in this diet.

  31. Good morning. Today is my 10th day on the lemonade diet. It’s been okay. I have not weigh myself yet but I am thinking of doing it for 15days. What do u think. I put to bed six months ago hope I won’t have any issue if I keep to 15days. I really want to loose the baby fat. I feel great that I have done up to 10days. Kindly advise if I can proceed to 15daya. My biggest fear is how to break

    • Hi Stella, sorry for the delay. Going 15 days will be fine as long as your body is feeling up to it. Just listen to your body. And make sure you read the bottom of this article to break this juice fast properly. he heading is, “Breaking the Master Cleanse… the Right Way.”

  32. Hello Dr
    I started this diet today and as I weighed myself tonight … I already lost 2 pounds!! I’m really excited. I do have a concern though- after my cleanse is done, will I gain the weight back right away? I’m nervous all my hard work will go to waste! What do you recommend?

  33. Hello, My name is Christoph and I’ve been wanting to go on a diet for so long, but I haven’t managed too get myself to do it. I’m a huge Beyoncé fan and I know she’s done this in her past and it obviously worked. My question is, (because I have worked out in my past, even when I was in high school I still had a small beer belly and it never seemed to go away) will this perhaps get rid of it or make it smaller than what it use to be and can I work out while being on it say Hip Hip Abs?

    • Hi Christoph,
      This could definitely help you trim away that extra abdominal fat you are trying to get rid of and yes, you can exercise. You shouldn’t do intense exercise where you will feel faint but a good ab workout would go great with this diet. This is not only supposed to help you lose extra weight but also help your body work more efficiently when you’re done. Just make sure you eat a healthier diet once you finish with the detox diet! Good luck : )

  34. Thanks for sharing this important information with us in detail !!

  35. hey doc can i not take laxatives?I am a student and I want to try this diet while in school…Can i also like eat a meal (just one) while on this diet?

    • The “father” of this diet, Stanley Burroughs, says that the laxative cleans you out more but I think that you can go without it. However, you do the laxative at night a little before bed, so this wouldn’t interfere with school. Nothing but what the diet describes. No extra meals

  36. Would this be good for a one day fast if you were looking for a quick detox? Especially the day after maybe some overindulgence?

    • Yes, this would be a good one day detox. You’ll definitely help your body out by giving the digestive track more of a rest and supplying it detoxing elements (lemons, cayenne). The detox/diet is obviously more transformative and complete if done the full amount of time but just 1 day would still do you good. Regular fasting is very good for the body… whether a juice fast or just water fasting

  37. Hello doctor. Can i use this method and is it safe if i just gave birth 2 months ago? (I’m not breast-feeding anymore)
    Thanks you for reading my question.

    • Hi Quinnie : ) Congratulations on the birth of your new child! Yes, this diet is safe to take following pregnancy and breast feeding, assuming you don’t have any serious medical conditions that need to be considered by your physician. Best of luck

  38. Hi, I am interested in being a part of this diet. I hope that it works effectively and I lose the weight I desire. What I want to know is that I am only obligated to drink the stuff, but nothing else, right?

    • Yes Ashley, this is correct. You can drink the Master Cleanse solution and water… that’s it. Besides of course, a laxative of your choosing. Good luck with your weight loss efforts and make sure to use this detox diet to springboard into a healthier lifestyle of good nutrition and more activity. This diet is great to eliminate some of the body’s cravings for those things that aren’t so good for our health

  39. If I cave one day and eat something, would I be able to continue on or start all over?

    • Hi Rosanna, it would really decrease the positive cleansing and body changes that are taking place. You wouldn’t necessarily have to start over but you wouldn’t get all the benefits you would have if you stuck to the cleanse. Once you eat food your body starts focusing on digesting and not cleansing anymore.

  40. Dr.

    I must commend you for the good work and with your resourceful information on the master cleanse. I have been on this diet for 6 days and i have lost 12 lbs believe it or not. My question is, can i keep this diet for the next 30 days to hit my goals? Will i deprive my body of important nutrients by doing so? Thank you Dr.

    • Hi Robert and congratulations on your weight-loss goals! That’s fantastic. I always love hearing people’s successes. Honestly if this is your first time doing the master cleanse or any type of fast than I would finish this round of the master cleanse for at least 2 weeks to a month and eat a good, lower carbohyrdate, nutrient dense nutrition plan and then go for another round of the master cleanse. And the second round you can go longer if your body feels up to it. When conducting fasts it’s best to “prepare” your body for longer and longer fasts (remember that this is a modified juice fast). Hope that helps and congrats again on the hard work and success : )

  41. Can we eat fruit such as grapes or strawberrys? What if you dont have organic maple syrup?

  42. Hi Doc, I don’t want to lose weight, but I am want to cleanser my body. Can also use this master cleanse as well?. Should i do it for 14 days as well? My weight is 55.5 kg already.

    • Hi Lolly, you can use this cleanse but you may lose some weight. I would shoot for doing the cleanse for 10 days and if you feel like your body is feeling good and would benefit for a longer period than keep going!

  43. Okay, so I’m 15years old, would you recommend this diet for me since i am over weight and other diets hardly work for me?

    • Hi Juanita : )
      It’s pretty easy to lost weight with this cleanse or diet but the problem with most diets is thinking you can go back to eating poorly afterward. This causes you to gain back the weight and sometimes more. Use this diet to lose some weight, feel cleansed and rejuvenated and then start a better nutrition plan and keep going with a healthy lifestyle. If other diets haven’t worked for you it is also good to get a physical at the doctors office and have them do a check on your thyroid function. Sometimes people aren’t able to lose weight because their thyroid gland isn’t making enough hormone. Hope that helps!

  44. Hi! Can I use laxatives every night then salt water flush every morning? Or should I stick with just one? Thank you. I’m starting my diet tomorrow. Hope it works for me.

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