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How To Grow Back A Balding Crown in 30 DAYS

Grow back your crown or other areas where you hair has thinned or balded

Shalena D.I.V.A.

I stumbled upon a great video by this beautiful person who goes by Shalena D.I.V.A. She spent a lot of time and work piecing together a comprehensive game plan to tackle her balding crown. I thought the information was so good and Shalena was such a delight to watch that I would feature her video and elaborate her tips here in a blog format. Below is her original YouTube video that I encourage you to watch. I will outline her treatment strategy or regimen in more detail and provide links to important products.

Note: While Shalena’s tips for hair regrowth or geared towards women, most of the tips also apply to men. Furthermore, I will add a specific strategy specifically for men in order slow, stop or possibly regenerate hair growth. This strategy is built off of DHT, a male sex hormone, being the overwhelming factor in male pattern baldness. A particular supplement can inhibit this hair hurting hormone.


1. Water Water Water!

Drinking lots of water is important to hydrate body and hairProper hydration is key. Your body and your HAIR need to be moisturized. It is an obvious truth that dry and brittle hair is not healthy hair and is prone to damage and loss.

Rule of thumb :: Take your weight in lbs and divide it by 2. The number you get is the amount of water in ounces you need to drink per day…at the minimum.

Example :: You weigh 180 lbs. Divide by 2. You get 90. You need to drink at least 90 ounces of water. Want to know how many cups that is? Divide by 8 (there are 8 fluid ounces in one cup). That’s a little more than 11 cups of water a day (11.25).

Cutback on Soda & Diuretics :: Avoid soda (and other drinks containing high fructose corn syrup) as it can cause not only cause dehydration but also disrupt metabolism.

2. Multivitamins

Taking a good multivitamin such as Opti-Women can improve hair, skin and nails rapidlyYour body requires vitamins and minerals to carry out all the cellular functions that add up to big, positive results. I am a big fan of Optimum Nutrition products, as the work great and are priced affordably. I highly recommend Opti-Men multivitamin for men and Opti-Women multivitamin for women. Each are tailored for your gender needs with a blend of really highly beneficial compounds like alpha lipoic acid, l-glutamine, lycopene and biotin to name a few.

3. Darky leafy grean vegetables

Eat dark leafy greens to stimulate hair growthDark leafy greens have been shown to help regrow and beautify hair. As an added bonus they also provide a natural glow to your skin. You may find it hard to buy and eat so many dark leafy greens but have no fear, there are supplements available to replace the real deal. Shalena specifically used Garden of Life Perfect Food : Super Green Formula in her regime, which is a powder supplement providing you a concentrated form of dark leafy greens in a convenient fashionGarden of Life products also have a solid reputation for quality.

Add To Smoothie :: Mixing this powder into a smoothie concoction with yogurt, blueberries and whatever else your heart desires will create something much more palatable and easy to take than just mixing this powder alone in water. It has a very earthy taste.

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4. Hairfinity hair vitamins

Hairfinity is a great supplement for hair regrowth if used with a multi-vitaminShalena explains that many women just take the Hairfinity Hair Vitamins supplement as their sole vitamin source and this is a mistake, she explains. You need to take a dedicated multi-vitamin such as the ones listed above and then add Hairfinity on top of it. This is what Shalena did. Why? The reason is that your body will use its supply of vitamins and minerals for the most important organs and bodily processes first. Whatever remains after the most critical cells receive their nutrients can be used for the less “survival-important” things like hair health and growth.

5. Fish oil + flaxseed oil

Fish oil and flax seed oil are extremely helpful in producing great hairThose all so important omega fatty acids are excellent supporters of hair health and both fish oil and flaxseed oil are excellent sources of them. These oils also have numerous other health benefits including mood enhancement, increased mental alertness and heart protective effects.

6. Jamaican black castor oil

Apply to the thinning area (balding crown or other area of concern) at least twice per week and massage it in. You can also add it to other damaged areas including the tips of your hair. Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil is an excellent product to use for this.

7. Exercising

Exercising gives our circulatory system the ability to provide nutrients to hair folliclesSometimes we forget how much a little exercise can help our health. Exercise (aerobic exercise for 20 minutes three times per week) increases your circulation. This provides all your tissues an increased amount of highly oxygenated blood, full of nutrients. This not only nourishes cells but clears out toxins allowing your body to receive and utilize even more nutrients.

8. Shower time

Showering and shampooing with a sulfate free shampoo is paramountUse a sulfate free shampoo such as L’Oreal Paris EverPure which also happens to be quite affordable. Now, as far as conditioners goes, Shalena gives a great tip to alternate between two different conditioners.

Week 1 = Protein conditioner

Week 2 = Moisturizing conditioner

Repeat Cycle

9. Massage scalp

Massage your scalp at least 4 times a week. Massage provides increased blood flow to the area. Blood contains all our necessary nutrients as well as compounds to clean out toxins and metabolic waste. Massage with a strength that allows you to feel the warmth of circulation in the area you are massaging.

10. Protect tips / edges

Emu oil (from the emu bird) can be applied to hair tips or edges to repair and protect damaged ends. A good product to check out is Emu Oil Pure Premium Golden.

11. Protective hair styling

Stop putting your hair in pony tails and buns. This stresses the hair folliclesNo ponytails, buns or other hair styles that places stress on the hair and hair follicles. Wear your hair down so the scalp and hair are relaxed. This will speed recovery and growth. Losing hair due to the stress on hair follicles is called Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia.

12. No blowdryer!

Limit your blowdryer use to once a month or not at all says Shalena. Blowdryers cause tremendous damage to hair from the excessive heat they expose the hair shaft to. Shalena recommends roller setting your hair if you need an alternative.

13. Stop using flat irons

This is another application that exposes your hair to excessive heat that results in hair damage, trauma and potential loss.

Specific tips for men

saw-palmetto-natures-wayTake the herbal supplement “Saw Palmetto.” This herb is commonly taken to help men with benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) or enlarged prostate. DHT is both a foe to prostate health and hair health. DHT is a male androgen (hormone) that tends to increase as we age and has been related to male pattern baldness.  Saw palmetto reduces circulating DHT and therefore allows for hair regrowth. It also happens to increase your libido / sex drive. Its a great male supplement that men should be using for optimum male health and vitality.

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