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Tag Team Assassins – 2 “Cold Killers” in the Cold and Flu Arsenal

Meet Our Two “Cold Killers”

Partner these up for superior protection and treatment against sickness.

  1. Silver Biotics Colloidal Silver
    • Take 1 teaspoon daily for prevention | Take 1 in morning, 1 in evening while sick
  2. Emergen-C Immune Plus ( System Support with Vitamin D )
    • Take 1 packet daily for prevention | Take 1 in morning, 1 in evening while sick

One of Doctor Scott Hott Picks - Silver Biotics Cclloidal Silver and Emergen-C Immune Plus

When I was working in retail pharmacy, cold and flu season made itself prominently known – passing from one person to the next like wild fire. Hoardes of miserable, sniffly, congested and sometimes fever-ridden sufferers of cold and flu would come in asking what would help knock out what ailed them. A lot of people believe that most of the over-the-counter products are actual medicine targeting their illness itself like antibiotics would a bacterial infection. However, most cold and flu preparations are a mish-mash of the same 3 to 4 ingredients that only help to mask or somewhat alleviate symptomsnot the illness behind the symptoms. Many times you end up buying a combination product like NyQuil that has 3 ingredients you don’t even need and one of them will actually be keeping you up at night without you knowing it. Labels are hard to follow and sometimes you’re hard pressed for someone available to help you decipher the “code.”


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – Old Adage


Preventative medicine, something that is starting to catch on more and more. If we can bolster our immune system and keep our lines of defense strong in the first place we wouldn’t have to spend money on doctor visits, pharmacy visits and deal with time away from work and/ or family. The extra money up front would easily pay for itself and then some by keeping us healthy and productive.

However, we all inevitably fall prey to sickness from time to time and when we do sometimes a little symptom relief can go a long way in easing our body and our spirit during sickness. BUT, what we all really want is for the sniffles, fever / chills, runny / clogged nose, head aches, body aches, stomach pain, floating-head-syndrome and general discomfort to all-together vanish as quickly as it crept up on us. Right?

This is much more difficult when your body’s defense soldiers are already going down in a blaze of virus-fighting glory. When we introduce the same immune boosting compounds into our body when we are encountering a full-blown attack we more than likely won’t be able to stop the illness dead in its tracks. It takes time to grow and replace our “soldiers.”  It is discouraging but on the plus side we can at least decrease the length that the sickness will last. We can attenuate our suffering. Usually by a couple days or so and sometimes many more with the right tools.

Killer Combo – Colloidal Silver and Emergen-C Immune+

Taking Silver Biotics colloidal silver along with Emergen-C Immune + plus we can see our cold and flu symptoms decrease more rapidly

Silver Biotics Colloidal Silver & Emergen-C Immune +

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver strictly on its own is a REMARKABLE product to prevent flu, cold and general illness. If you happen to be in the middle of fighting a bout of sickness you can end the battle days earlier with a little dose of the stuff. Historically, silver coins and silver containers, which impart microscopic amounts to drinking water and perishable liquids, have been used for thousands of years. Read this fascinating article on some amazing properties of silver that have been used throughout history for human health here.

I was introduced to colloidal silver by a friend’s mother when I was over at their house as a young teenager. My friend told his mom he was starting to feel a cold coming on. She went straight for an opaque brown bottle on the top of the refrigerator, unscrewed the cap, carefully poured what looked like water into a large spoon and airplaned that dose right down his open mouth. He looked at me like, “Don’t you dare say a word!” clearly embarrassed by an equal dose of his mother’s mothering. I had to leave the room laughing. We went downstairs where my friend explained to me that his mom’s little trick had allowed him to never get sick. His mom gave him a teaspoon to a tablespoon of the stuff when he started to get a sniffle and the next day it’s like the whole thing was just imagined.

Emergen-C Immune + Plus System Support with Vitamin D

Many of us have heard of getting sick and taking a “butt-load” (yes, I said butt-load) of Vitamin C in order to beat a cold. There is evidence that vitamin C ( ascorbic acid ) does aid the immune system and can help eradicate sickness sooner than without … especially if we are deficient at the time of illness. This is the premise behind the product Emergen-C. It contains high dose vitamin C ( 1000+ mg ) among a few other ingredients. Vitamin C is also a water soluble vitamin so you really can’t take too much, your kidneys will simply filter out the extra and pass it through the urine. If you have kidney problems, however, you should consult your doctor regarding this in relation to the severity of your renal insufficiency. Other vitamin / herbal based cold and flu products such as Airborne had some fat soluble vitamins ( which can accumulate in the body ) in them that could be taken too much of and cause toxicity. I believe Airborne reformulated after some unfortunate customer health incidents and a subsequent lawsuit.

Immune Plus version – A new product was developed under the Emergen-C line that added immune boosting complexes or as the label states a, “Proprietary Immune Complex” and called it Emergen-C Immune Plus System Support with Vitamin D. I began taking this product and it kept me healthy while others around me fell sick. You’re happy you’re healthy but you feel kind of guilty as everyone around you are dropping like flies and feeling miserable! One day at work after watching my technician struggle all day, I actually bought a box of this Emergen-C Immune + when the store slowed down, mixed up a packet in a cup of water, had her drink it and sent the rest of the box home with her.

Note: At this time I wasn’t taking the Silver Biotics colloidal silver… just the Emergen-C. I had not discovered the magic combination yet.


Continuing on our previous timeline, I was taking the Emergen-C as a daily tonic during the cold and flu season at this time. As I mentioned, I was working in a pharmacy in constant contact with “sickies.” Well, eventually, it seemed my immune system finally met its threshold and I began to get that tickle in the back of my throat. It’s at that point where you “know” its coming… you can feel it. I wasn’t going allow that to happen if I could prevent it. Like an epiphany, I remembered my old forgotten friend colloidal silver and went out to the supplement store and got some more Silver Biotics. I took two teaspoons and the next morning I was feeling great again.

These two products work from two very different angles but seem to be very synergistic or complementary to each other. With the two of them on board I was a fortress. I soon began suggesting the use of the combination to friends and family. I had a sick friend who had come over and she was in the middle of a cold she couldn’t beat. I told her I’d fix her up. I gave her two teaspoons of liquid out of my Silver Biotics bottle and a packet of some Blueberry Acai Emergen-C Immune Plus and the next day she called to tell me she couldn’t believe how much better she felt. By the second day the cold was gone. Presto! I discovered a great and little known combo. I made it all the way through March without a single sniffle!

Power of Prevention

Now, when we wait until its too late we have to put up with days of lost productivity, clarity of mind, energy and well-being. I use colloidal silver as my first line of defense. If I had to choose one over the other I would certainly recommend colloidal silver before the Emergen-C but if you can take both, do it, especially around cold and flu season or when you are going to be around sick people. You don’t have to take it every day but that would be ideal. At the very least, keep some colloidal silver on hand and when you start to feel a tickle in your throat or whatever your first symptom(s) usually are, take a teaspoon or two of the “silver stuff” daily until symptoms disappear. Add a packet of the Emergen-C Immune Plus if you can.

Brand Matters

Brand does matter. You want to make sure that the company you buy from has good manufacturing practices with a pure, unadulterated product and a solid reputation. You also want to make sure that who you use to ship it to you or purchase it from keeps up to date stock (nothing close to expiration) and in good climate controlled conditions.

Two names or brands that continually arise when people ask for a good colloidal silver product is Silver Biotics and Sovereign Silver. I personally use and recommend SilverBiotics and have experienced and seen great and reliable results. As always, I encourage you to look around and do your own research but I would certainly start there.

Here’s to your health! I hope this advice helps you stay healthier, happier and more productive throughout the next year!


About Doctor Scott Health

Dr. Scott McLeod, PharmD is an independent researcher, health advocate and author living in Santa Barbara, CA. For more information about Scott and Doctor Scott Health please visit the 'About' section, here.

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