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A Comprehensive Program to Relieve Your Constipation – GUARANTEED

Finally END Your Embarrassing Moments – Safely, Naturally, and Fast.




Has your constipation been causing you embarrassment?

I see people come into the pharmacy all the time trying to find a glimmer of hope to solve their constipation. Yes, sometimes the products work, but at what cost to your health? Also, the products are known to cause more constipation and you find yourself back at the drug store

This product is a result of the hundreds of hours of consulting with clients in the pharmacy who ask  me, “I’m having problems, nothing it working! What do you recommend?”

I’ve extensively researched and compiled the best knowledge in this easy to read PDF.


What You Get:

  • INSTANT ACCESS – Delivered to your email
  • 1 Guaranteed, easy, step by step plan to relieve you
  • 1 Extensive Guide about Constipation & Digestion
  • 43 More Awesome Remedies
  • 4 DANGEROUS NATURAL Remedies you need to know in order to avoid!
  • 8 Types of Drugstore Meds FINALLY Explained
  • 17 Awesome Whole Foods that promote digestion









The Dangers of Drug Store Medications

Not many people know that drug store medications for constipation could be dangerous.  Things such as:

  • Pain –  Gut wrenching pain and discomfort can result from the strong and often violent nature of the contained compounds and physiological effects of many drugstore laxatives. These effects can last for more than a day.
  • Diarrhea – Unpredictable and messy bathroom visits. Accidents frequently can occur, especially while sleeping.
  • Permanent Damage – You can cause permanent damage to the nerves and muscles in the intestinal walls that help you push waste through your digestive system to create bowel movements. While you’re trying for a quick fix you can actually cause permanent damage to your body, sometimes resulting in chronic constipation.
  • Electrolyte Imbalance – Laxatives can cause electrolytes (Na+,K+, Ca++, etc.) to become dangerously out of balance. Electrolytes are responsible for conducting nerves and providing muscle function – including your heart and brain. In some cases, these electrolyte imbalances can result in hospitalization and even be life threatening.
  • Rebound Constipation – Most drugstore laxatives and even some natural remedies can cause rebound constipation (it comes right back usually worse than before) and can worsen your constipation problems in the long run.
  • Natural Remedy Dangers – Natural does not mean safe. It’s important you have a trusted healthcare professional educate you about potential risks and dangers. Many relief agents are listed as natural and safe but they can be damaging and devastating to your long-term digestive health. Some are hidden in certain products. We educate you on the 4 big natural constipation remedies you need to know and protect yourself from.

Did you know?

Constipation Causes the Following:

  • Hemorrhoids
  • Anal fissures
  • Rectal bleeding
  • Fecal impaction
  • Blocked digestion
  • Metabolic Imbalance
  • Cancer

It can be a scary state of affairs and sometimes a situation that can leave you feeling quite hopeless.

More Reasons You’ll Want This:

  • Affordable – A cheap trip to the grocery store for simple things you don’t already have on hand is all you need to get started. This is food you’re going to spend money on anyways.
  • Supermarket Checklist – I provide you with an easy to print and use “Grocery & Supplies Checklist” to take with you to the supermarket. You should spend anywhere from $10 to $30 – Depending on if you already have items on hand.
  • Pregnancy Safe – The plan is so safe and natural even pregnant women can use it
  • A Pharmacist Approved Plan – This extensive plan was carefully created and ensured for safety and effectiveness by me, former retail pharmacist and creator of DoctorScottHealth.com, Dr. Scott McLeod, PharmD
  • Professionally Designed eBook – This is not some cheap ebook that a novice created in a day like you see elsewhere on the internet these days.  I invested my hard earned money on a professional design and layout of the book to bring you a better product.

This plan uses a strategically organized and ordered combination of the safest and most effective natural remedies for constipation. Every strategy is carefully researched for safety and effectiveness. Each remedy builds on the last while helping out the next.

The plan takes into account human physiology, anatomy, nutrition, metabolic needs and deficiencies while using specific dietary remedies and the almost always neglected but extremely powerful, “mechanical remedies.”

All of these have been carefully planned and refined to provide you the most powerful, synergistic constipation relief plan that will relieve you of even the most stubborn of constipation episodes within as quick as 15 minutes and less than 24 Hours.




At $12… That’s less than a meal at a restaurant – a meal that will most likely cause MORE constipation! I want you to buy with confidence and take me up on my Guarantee.  I can’t guarantee this if it doesn’t work, and if it doesn’t work, your money goes straight back to you, no questions asked.  But I’m confident that won’t happen.

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